Ranjeet Singh 

I had very bad psoriasis and this treatment has given me life
Excellent natural treatment and staff
I am back to Uk and doing good
I would like to thank Dr. Atul Jain and staff for taking care of me
I would advise people should go for natural treatment rather then having allopathic medicines
Our body is our own doctor
And one can get best natural treatment here
Good prices and healthy teachings by Dr. Atul Jain



 Dr. Sangeeta Saxena 

I had stayed in Balchand Jain Kaya Kalp Naturopathy for four days for the treatment of high blood pressure. I got amazing results as now my bp is 125/95, which previously was 170/132. I am really thankful to Dr Writu and Dr Atul jain for giving good and homely atmosphere that helps me in getting healthy as I have lost 2kg in four days. Whole team of kaya is very cooperative.



 Mr. Sunil Chandna (Founder & CEO Steller Data recovery) 

I visited KayaKalp for general rejuvenation on a long weekend and was very impressed with the results. Nature cure is so calming and effective. The medicated mud bath was not only enjoyable but also brought down the blood pressure. I also heard amazing stories of healing from fellow patients - spinal sciatica issues, severe digestive disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol and. diabetes. Highly Recommended.



 Yashvardhan 16 yrs 

I Joined Kaya-kalp for my obesity issue. My Weight was 132 kg  and was quite nervous at the time of joining the treatment.  Took 3 month of day care Naturopathy Treatment in which Kayakalp's team of doctors  and therapists boost my morale amd make me comfortable at every step of treatment. Special Massages, Mud bath, Steam bath, Chadder Lapet ,Sand bath and Polythene bath  were some of my main treatments. Above all my diet schedule was quite important .  I  am 95 Kg and full of confidence. Thanks Team Kaya-Kalp



 Chitti Babu 

The naturopathy treatment center is very good. The campus is big. The facilities are neat and clean and can handle more patients at a time. The doctors and staff are very amicable and make the atmosphere healthy. The outside environment is green with ample place to walk around. The food is very tasty though under strict diet control , at the same time stomach filling. The rooms are neat and clean to take rest or for staying. Over all it's a great experience and I could cure my illness. Wish the centre and the staff all the best.

I have gone to the centre for treatment of my psoriasis problem. I had the problem since long. Got relief through naturopathy doctor at visakhapatnam. Also my father in law gave homeopathy treatment. I had some relief, when it errupted again. Now at this centre I got good relief. I will be visiting the centre again.



 Dr. G.S Hearu 

I am writing to express my appreciation for the quality of service and excellent behavior of you, you DR's team and staff offered me the days of my stay at the Bal Chand Jain KAYA KALP Naturopathy Hospital. Dr. Ajay ji,is my friend told me about you and your kaya kalp. After this I decided to visit the the real "Kaya Kalap"

It was a good decision; I enjoyed the peace and quiet I needed, offered in all the facilities of your "kaya kalp". This definitely added to the excellent service of the staff , nature of infrastructure and lovable moments, I enjoyed with you and others .

I will definitely recommend our KAYA KALP to friends and family, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon. I hope to get the MORE quality of service when I return. Thanks again, see you soon.



 Shikha Verma  

A perfect place to get naturally healed.. very courteous staff . I was able to reduce 16 kg in just 3 months without any weakness.It not only helped me in reducing weight but also helped me in reducing mental stress . I will surely recommend this place to everyone.



 Dr. Archna Jain (Homeopath) 

Came to Know about Naturopathic Detox Procedure from a family friend who visited Kayakalp for the same . Being a Doctor myself , Joined 5 Days residencial program at Kayakalp to feel the things personally . Procedures like Mud Bath, Chadder Lapet ,Hip Bath , Massages and Steam bath etc. helps u feel energetic and life style problem like B.P ,Gastric & Acidity and Metal stress etc. can be managed without medicine.

I Personally felt quite satisfied and suggest my patients with Chronic problems  to take Natuiropathy  treatments  with  Homeopathic medicine  to get permanent solution to their problems.