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Kaya-Kalp welcomes you to the world of classical naturopathy.Naturopathy, an intriguing branch of alternative medicine, primarily emphasizes the powerful nature of the human body's natural homeostatic processes...

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What We Do?

About Kaya Kalp

Kaya-Kalp welcomes you to the world of classical naturopathy. Kaya-Kalp is a traditional healing centre where the ancient wisdom meets the comfort of the modern without compromising on quality prescribed in the ancient texts. The centre is a blessing for those who seek treatment modules for various illnesses.

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Late Shri Balchand Jain

Our Vision

Our main objective

Kaya-Kalp's main objective is to help the healthy person to maintain good health and the diseased person to regain good health. The practice of naturopathy is designed to promote human happiness at physical, mental and spiritual level.

Naturopathy Treatments




Lalita Jindal  Age 51

Due to Vericose Veins  there was extensive pain in Legs and doctors put me on Pain killers  (suggested Sugery ASAP) .As a result  digestion issues like gas ,acidity, constipation  and High BP  also became part of daily routine. Came to Know about Kaya-Kalp thru our family friend and thought to give it a chance. 

Naturopathy procedures like Mud Bath, Massage, Hot & Cold compress, Chadder Lapet, Foot Bath ,Steam bath and diet for  complete detoxification were used for my problem and just by 20 days of Residential treatment felt 60-70% relief in Leg Pain and other digetive disorders. Continuing my treatment for complete cure by weekly visit to the Hospital and following the diet suggeted by the Kaya-Kalp Team.

Archna Jain Age 44 Yrs (Homeopathic Physian )

Came to Know about Naturopathic Detox Procedure from a family friend who visited Kayakalp for the same . Being a Doctor myself , Joined 5 Days residencial program at Kayakalp to feel the things personally . Procedures like Mud Bath, Chadder Lapet ,Hip Bath , Massages and Steam bath etc. helps u feel energetic and life style problem like B.P ,Gastric & Acidity and Metal stress etc. can be managed without medicine.

I Personally felt quite satisfied and suggest my patients with Chronic problems  to take Natuiropathy  treatments  with  Homeopathic medicine  to get permanent solution to their problems.

 Sunil Chandna Age 48 

I visited KayaKalp for general rejuvenation on a long weekend and was very impressed with the results. Nature cure is so calming and effective. The medicated mud bath was not only enjoyable but also brought down the blood pressure. I also heard amazing stories of healing from fellow patients - spinal sciatica issues, severe digestive disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol and. diabetes. Highly Recommended.

I was admitted on 15th July 2018. I was Suffering from  Hepatitis. I could not even walk by myself.

Considering my financial status my treatment was given free of charge. After 21 days of Residencial treatment ,I got discharged and reached home on my own feet . Thanks to team Kaya-Kalp

Yashvardhan age 16 years

 when I came to Kaya-kalp for  weight loss  My weight was 132 kg   now  weight is  105 kg, waist size reduced around  15 to 16 inches.

Welldone Team Kaya-Kalp

The treatment is still going on, my  target is 85 kg.

There has been a great deal of rejuvenation in this transition. I have followed my treatment, Exercise and  Diet schedule rule. Now the new confidence in me has been awakened.

 No medicines have been used in treatment only Naturopathy and Exercise Therapies have been used.